Safran Landings – Main Boardroom & Video Conferencing Upgrade

Pacific worked closely with Safran Landings to deliver an all-encompassing AV solution.

Safran Landings had a requirement to update and upgrade their main boardroom and introduce videoconferencing capabilities to a second space at their main UK office in Gloucester. Pacific worked alongside the technical team at Safran to understand the requirements of each space and worked on a design that incorporated simple and reliable usability alongside technology that would ensure the spaces would remain relevant well into the future.

Pacific worked alongside the technical team at Safran to understand the requirements of each space.

Gloucester Room:

Being the largest and primary meeting space within the company, Safran communicated that the display provided should be suitable for the size and importance of the space. Working with our partners, it quickly became apparent that the most suitable option would be a 4K professional display from LG.

Before investing in the technology and to ensure Safran were confident that the LG display would meet their needs, Pacific worked with LG to arrange for a demonstration unit to be sent to Safran, free of charge. Once Safran had seen the capabilities of the display, they were confident the display proposed by Pacific was the perfect choice.

Pacific worked with LG to arrange for a demonstration unit to be sent to Safran, free of charge.

To compliment the display, a Logitech Rally Plus kit was chosen to provide the videoconferencing element of the space. Due to concrete floors, Pacific chose to invert the Logitech Rally Mics and mount them to the ceiling, providing a clutter free workspace. Allowing for connection to the display and videoconferencing hardware is a CX-30, wireless content sharing device from Barco. This had been chosen by Pacific to allow users with an array of devices to host and control meetings without the need for a wired connection, via a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) platform. Pacific also provided the Barco unit pre-configured with the Safran logo, to ensure a professional finish to the space.

Xi’An Room:

The Xi’An Room is a smaller meeting space, designed for up to 10 persons. For this solution, Pacific designed a system that incorporated an 86” 4K professional display from Iiyama. One of the primary benefits of a professional display is that they have the capacity to have a power schedule set, switching On/Off a designated times. This greatly reduces power usage, as well as extending the life cycle of the display, which was something Safran were particularly keen to implement.

The camera selected for this space is the UVC84 PTZ camera from Yealink. As a Gold Yealink Partner, Pacific have enormous experience and confidence in the Yealink hardware, allowing us the confidence to specify it within this space. The microphone for the space is a Biamp DCM-1 “golf ball”, beamtracking, ceiling mic. With 3-omnidirectional microphones and up to 15m of audio pickup, it would ensure that a single microphone would provide excellent coverage of the space, and with automatic echo cancellation capabilities, it is also able to eliminate unwanted background noise, such as paper shuffling, keyboard clacking etc.

Like the Gloucester Room, the Xi’An Room is also BYOD to offer greater flexibility to both Safran staff and external visitors, and for standardisation, a Barco CX-30 will allow users to connect wirelessly for both content sharing and videoconferencing. The display, camera and microphone all connect back to a Biamp Devio SCR-20 digital signal processor, which is used to process and manage the signals within the space, ensuring a simple and intuitive user experience.

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