Bring Your Own Device / Bring Your Own Meeting

BYOD / BYOM has developed leaps and bounds since organisations and their customers use different video conferencing platforms – each person has their preferred VC platform.

The BYOD / BYOM solution is fantastic for ad hoc video calls and formal meetings by having the technology to allow you to connect and launch a VC call from any software conferencing platform which can only increase productivity.  If you prefer using Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, it no longer matters, you connect and launch your call.

Pacific can design a solution using a customers existing hardware to save cost and make the BYOD / BYOM solution an affordable investment.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how a BYOD / BYOM solution can benefit your workflow.

Benefits of BYOD / BYOM

BYOD / BYOM is fast becoming a favoured solution amongst the Pacific customer base. It’s fantastic for the new way of working. Some of the main benefits are as follows:


The Logitech Rally Plus system is suited for a medium or large meeting space. The number of microphones can be scaled to 7 in total to cover vast areas. The microphones have an excellent audio pick up and the speakers deliver a great sound to the room.  The centre piece is the 4K PTZ camera!


Barco have developed a market leading product called ClickShare conference. The ClickShare conference is an agnostic and wireless conference system which enables team members in the office to connect with remote participants in a just a matter of seconds.


Mersive have created the Solstice POD to not only screen share but to launch a VC call from any platform. With a simple set up and touchless one-step start, you can enjoy a better collaboration experience.


Convert any collaboration space into a hybrid meeting room with AirTame Rooms running on the AirTame Hub. Joining a video conference from the office is now much easier, as is screen sharing and digital signage. It works across multiple conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Yealink has a range of BYOD meeting kits for small, medium, and large meeting rooms. They’re a one cable solution, making connecting and launching a VC call an ease.

Case Studies

To have a look at some of our BYOD/BYOM Case Studies, click the links below:

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how a BYOD / BYOM solution can benefit your workflow.