Pacific are proud of the work we do, and that is reflected in the strong supplier relationships we hold, the 3rd party industry accreditations we retain, and the purchasing frameworks that we participate in. For our customers, this means confidence in the decision to use Pacific, knowing that they are assured of a quality engagement and top support, along with the great value that the frameworks can offer.

If you believe you may be eligible to purchase using one of the below frameworks, please contact us to discuss and we can help you make use of it to drive value through your purchasing decisions.



CCS Technology Products and Services from the Crown Commercial Service gives government and related entities access to approved suppliers, and value-driven purchasing. Pacific’s customers using this purchasing route include large civil service departments.



These University Purchasing Consortium’s provide a means for universities and other higher education providers to demonstrate purchasing compliance. Pacific’s customers using this route include University of York and the University of Leicester.



This consortium supports purchasing in the FE sector, driving value and providing it’s members purchasing advice. It’s wide range and reach makes it ideal to get the advantages of purchasing via frameworks. Pacific work to supply many colleges with audiovisual and IT solutions in classrooms through this route.



The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation publishes an invaluable catalogue of products for it’s customers, covering everything from stationary to AV installations, without the complications of obtaining multiple quotes and trying to compare them, and the buying power advantages of all the users.