Manor Farm Enhances Visitor Experience

Digital signage installation upholds good hygiene and visitor engagement.

Manor Farm, an educational farm attraction in Hampshire, engaged with Pacific to use interactive digital signage in inventive ways to solve some of their challenges.

This was achieved in 2 areas – the handwashing stations, and the maps. At the handwash stations, Pacific created a game, using outdoor-rated screens and sensors – when the young visitors approach the stations, the on-screen animated characters talk them through the process of washing their hands for the right amount of time, encouraging them as the animated germs are gradually chased away. This has had the desired effect of encouraging good hygiene by making it a fun part of the visit for the guests.

For the map, the challenge was that the operational challenges of the farm meant they often need to move the animals between enclosures – and therefore any printed maps or signs would go out of date immediately. We designed and installed an outdoor-rated touchscreen, and with Omnivex Moxie digital signage software, an interactive map. Guests can choose the animal they’d like to visit, and the footprints on the map show them the way today! The farm staff can log in to a hidden menu and update the locations of the animals on the hoof….

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Manor Farm