Manufacturer Spotlight: Barco

Barco Clickshare

Clickshare helps you run better hybrid meetings from your laptop.

Walk into the room and ClickShare automatically connects your laptop to screens, room cameras, speakerphones, and sound bars. Smart meeting flows guide you to intuitive, stress-free meetings. Get started within seconds. No cables, no mess, no time to waste.

With just one click, you can wirelessly share your screen or start a video meeting. ClickShare wirelessly connects your laptop to the room display, camera, and speakers, ensuring everyone is seen & heard, whether people are right there in the room or joining remotely.

How can Barco Clickshare help your business?

Hybrid is here to stay. Discover how you can turn hybrid meetings from challenge into opportunity using meeting technology.

    • Easy to use
    • VC platform-agnostic
    • Promotes hybrid working
    • Increases productivity
    • Wireless connectivity – no cables!
    • Use your display for digital signage when not being used for presenting or conferencing

    Premium wireless conferencing for high-impact room

    The brand new ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation brings flexible, premium wireless conferencing to high-impact meeting rooms. ClickShare automatically connects to room devices (cameras, mics, speakers, all-in-one bars), and can be configured for dual screen output for maximum efficiency. You can start a video meeting from your laptop, using any conference tool. Create a space where minds meet, in only one click.

    Clickshare Works Best With

    Turn any space into a hybrid conference room. Match ClickShare with the meeting room solutions of these compatible brands and vendors for better video conferencing.

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