Solve the problems of desktop compliance with Desktop Central

Managing desktops and laptops is challenging for all businesses – IT departments need to standardise, update and secure the systems, and demonstrate that compliance externally – and users need the freedom to use them as tools to do their jobs efficiently and from wherever they are without disruption. But the tools to carry this out often seem beyond the reach of smaller businesses – either financially or because of the expertise needed to stay in control.

ManageEngine’s Desktop Central product is a solution that works to solve all these problems – any device in your network can be managed from anywhere at any instant. For example, it will ensure that Windows and third party applications are patched up to date to maintain security. The self-service portal allows users to install and uninstall approved applications, and the inventory scans maintain compliance by checking for other software usage.

You can secure USB devices and use the inbuilt remote management tools to provide support to your users and even make use of the tools to provide OS deployment when it’s time to upgrade systems.

But because it’s a simple, cloud-based, single console tool, it’s easily deployable to give peace of mind – it’s even available free of licensing costs for the smallest businesses!

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