Howdens Joinery Outsourced IT Service Desk

Pacific have been providing an ITIL-aligned outsourced IT service desk to Howdens Joinery since 2008 – supporting the users as the Howdens business has grown from 450 depots to nearly 800!

The team are well-trained on general IT support – like setting up and removing user accounts, installing and configuring software, setting up printers and Windows profiles, and troubleshooting connection faults – and also on Howdens own in-house systems so the users can get on with their jobs quickly and efficiently.

The team take 500-600 telephone calls and handle hundreds of email contacts every day, while carefully maintaining service levels – such as answering more than 90% of calls within 15 seconds – they even take the time to call back anyone who doesn’t get through using the fully featured telephone system. They share info constantly to make sure that everyone who needs their help get the best service – and only escalate calls to second line teams when they are convinced they can’t help the user there are then. With their commitment to learning, the team regularly fix more than 75% of user issues on the phone.

The team has also been an excellent training ground, and technicians starting their career with Pacific on the service desk have gone on to careers in service delivery management, sales, accounts, field engineering, and project management.

The commitment to service has allowed us to keep the contract with Howdens since 2008 – something we are proud of and hope to maintain for as long as we can through continued trustworthy service.

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