Pacific Visit Clevertouch!

Pacific were invited to spend some time at Clevertouch’s flagship showroom in central London. One of our owners Richard Donaldson along with Strategic Account Managers Scott Belbin and Richard Warren, were given a tour of the showroom, with face-to-face introductions to the sales and support teams at Clevertouch.

This enabled us to garner hands on experience with the technology on offer from Clevertouch. The day consisted of in-person demonstrations from Clevertouch technicians, as well as the opportunity to talk to the technicians about possible usage scenarios for the technology, how it could be positioned in our portfolio, examples of how other clients have integrated the solutions into their projects and to engage with Clevertouch on their upcoming technologies roadmap, allowing Pacific the opportunity to see what Clevertouch will be bringing to the market in the near future.

Finally, Pacific were given a video presentation showcasing the full Clevertouch ecosystem and how their products can be utilised in real world environments. The video can be found here: 

The Clevertouch Ecosystem
The Pacific team Richard Warren (left of center), Richard Donaldson (right of center)
and Scott Belbin (furthest right).

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