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Video Walls

5 Reasons You Should Use a Video Wall


So, you're looking for a video wall? Here are our top 5 reasons we think every organisation should have a video wall installed in their buildings...

  1.  Space Saver With a Video wall you won’t need as much space as you would if you went for a projector system, the video walls does exactly what it says on the tin, it is installed onto the wall and out of the way, all cables are tidied away as well.
  2.   Specification The Specification of an LED video wall is much higher than a standard projector system so you and your customers will notice the higher contrast and a brighter screen than you would get from a projector system
  3.   Expandable  - If you are looking to start of small and expand then a video wall is perfect for you – with a video wall you can install how many TVs you need to begin with and if you realise you need to go bigger or there is a need for a bigger screen, then you are able to extend easily by installing TVs and link them together.
  4.  Long LastingIf you have a Video Wall install you won’t need to replace screens as often as you would need to replace a projector lamp, for example a projector lamp lasts 1500 hours, however an LED screen lasts around 100,000 hours
  5.  Performance - Even with the 1500 hours of lamp life, the lamp will slowly dim over time and cause an issue with the picture projected, this will get worse until the lamp burns out whereas LED do not burn out or lose their picture quality.


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Training and Support

We want to make sure you are getting the best out of your new Video wall, so on handover we make sure that you are fully trained on how to use the system and are confident in the product.


We also provide support for your Video Wall for 12 months, so you are guaranteed that you will be in safe hands if anything does go wrong with the product.


case study

Addison Lee Video Wall

Pacific were tasked with building a system that provides a powerful first impression for customers visiting Addison Lee’s new corporate headquarters.


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